Imagine Life Without Electricity

19th April 2017

Imagine Life Without Electricity

Imagine life without the luxury of electricity, the ease of flipping a switch to turn on lights, using our computers, being entertained, running our business, doing our banking – electricity is one of the most fundamental needs in modern life.

That is why choosing the right company for your electrical installation or repairs is important if you want the job to be done well and to specifications. You need a trustworthy and precise electrical service provider that meets or exceeds your expectations and whose expertise matches the technological world we now live in.

Whether your needs are commercial, industrial or domestic you need the peace of mind that there is minimal disruption to your business and life and that your electrical work is done to a high standard.

Factor Electrical specialise in a wide range of services employing the most qualified experts in their field. A family business means a good reputation is the pillar of success. Factor Electrical guarantee a timely, reliable service provided by a highly skilled team.

Whether you are building a new home, your existing home needs maintenance or repair to either appliances, hot water, TV or phone and data we have the expert to meet your needs.

Running a business either industrial or commercial the safety and welfare of your workers is as important to us as it is to you. We use only the most qualified tradespeople to deliver a timely, quality service across a wide range of services to areas from the Gold Coast to Electricians in Brisbane.

Long before electricity was given a name people were aware of it, it is on record that the ancient Egyptians referred to electric fish that were used to treat pain, thinking the powerful jolt from the fish may cure them. It wasn’t until the 16th century that an English Scientist, William Gilbert discovered the static from rubbing amber and coined the latin name “Electricus” meaning “like amber”. Since that time there have been many who have contributed to the evolution of electricity including Benjamin Franklin who sold his possessions to fund his work.

Today society is completely dependent on the safe delivery of electricity in our homes, at work, to run our hospitals and so much more. Every aspect of our daily lives is dependent on its source and the people who instal and maintain appliances and equipment. Factor Electrical have the team to keep your life running smoothly and safely.


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