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How To Find A Quality Commercial Electrician

27th February 2017

commercial electrician

It’s an unfortunate fact for the consumer, but not all electricians are made equal.

Around the home, you’ll need a great domestic electrician, while heavy industrial plants and the like require skilled industrial electricians, and for those offices, shops and businesses, you’ll need to be calling in a quality commercial electrician.

But how do you make sure that a commercial electrician really is of the highest quality? It’s likely the work you need doing in a prompt manner and within your budget is crucial to the smooth operation of your organisation, so we want to help you with a clear guide to ensuring the commercial electrician you call in is worthy of the valuable task you’re putting in their hands.

Firstly, you need to know precisely when you need a commercial electrician, and the answer is quite simple: almost always. You can change a light bulb and twiddle the knobs on your appliances, but for significant electrical work, you need a licensed commercial electrician.


Never assume that the commercial electrician standing before you is fully up to date with all of Australia’s strict regulatory requirements. While it is possible that someone else will know a few things about electrical work, the operation of your business and the safety of your employees and visitors is too important to cut corners – not to mention it’s illegal.

No good commercial electrician gold coast will sidestep any of the regulatory requirements, whether they be state legislation or Australian wiring standards. So they should be very open about their credentials and happy to show them to you. You can also check with the state, like Queensland’s WorkSafe website, to make sure the information they gave you is valid and up to date.


To get that license, commercial electricians need certain qualifications. This is a pre-requisite to becoming a registered electrical contractor and working for profit as a commercial electrician.

Certificates of compliance

Before your commercial electrician starts work, double-check that when they’re finished they will issue a certificate of compliance. Only a job that fully complies with state regulations and the Australian standard can result in the issuing of a certificate, proving also that it has been tested and is definitely safe.

Go local

The best way to get a good commercial electrician at your place of business is to go local. Not only will it be convenient and prompt, you know you’re getting someone who’s familiar with the surroundings and invested in the local community around the Gold Coast, Logan and Brisbane.

Not only that, it’s easier to get a recommendation about a local commercial electrician, such as by asking a fellow organisation who did their work satisfactorily. A great way to get a good recommendation is to ask other contractors you already work with and trust to pass on the name of another reputable tradesperson.

Having said that, it can still be a good idea to get more than one quote, weighing up the fact that a slightly lower quote could just mean one commercial electrician is not as experienced or well regarded as another. And if you do all of the above, you can be sure you’ll get a really high-quality commercial electrician to do your important job, just like Factor Electrical.

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